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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Your success online is heavily dependent on your choice of web host. By slowing your website, causing frequent downtime, and overall contributing to a poor customer experience, a poor web host can impact your bottom line.

A website hosting company that goes down without warning or explanation, takes forever to rectify problems, and fails to secure your site or overcharges for extras – is not something you want.

It can prove to be a huge mistake if you Jump in with the first host you find. When choosing a web host, here are six other mistakes to avoid.

Opting For the Free Web Hosting Services

When it comes to web hosting providers, you always get what you give. For amateur bloggers or small communities – a free service might be a convenient option, but never for the full-time organizations who always opt for affordable Linux VPS hosting.

There are a few basic things to consider if you are wondering what seems to be the problem with free hosting:

  • The service is often slow and unavailable
  • It displays 3rd party ads
  • Lacking the opportunity to make your business grow and scale up
  • You can hardly improve search engine ranking

Chasing away the majority of visitors, all these issues will make your website dysfunctional. You should definitely skip the free version and find a paid hosting that really fulfills its purpose for this reason.

You Choose Based On Prices

This mistake may sound a little counterintuitive, but it’s actually true. Since it’s not always a credible indicator of its performance, you shouldn’t buy web hosting based on the price exclusively.

Affordable Linux VPS hosting could cost you anything between $5 and $100 a month, but you need to take several features into account before taking any major actions. Making the service look better and more authoritative, higher prices could be a matter of good marketing.

You will sometimes find suspiciously cheap providers because they offer discounts for first-time users, on the other side. The price only suggests they are eager to attract new clients with lower prices – it doesn’t necessarily mean they are underperformers. Also note that most of the prices you see online are available only if you pay for the whole year in advance.

We highly recommend you determine priorities. Keeping in mind the possible scaling issue in the near future – make a list of features you need. You can look for companies that are able to fulfill your demands and compare their prices once you’re done with it.

You Believe In the “Unlimited” Story

Especially in case of shared hosting providers who want to attract more clients with pompous promises, you will see ads promising limitless features. Don’t believe it because it’s simply not true.

There are no such things as unlimited bandwidth or storage here. Failing to live up to the expectations, shared hosting providers have a certain capacity. Overall, the results are always poor website performance as compared to affordable Linux VPS hosting. Besides that, you could be facing additional problems:

  • No multiple POP accounts
  • No website performance statistics
  • No option to install your own software
  • No SSH

These are all serious issues. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of users will abandon the process. They just want you to ensure the best customer experience – they don’t care about your web hosting dilemmas.

Pay special attention to the restrictions after reading web hosting specifications carefully. This will help you to figure out the real configuration and determine whether it suits your needs or not.

Failing to Find and Check Online Reviews

You must use – Word of mouth to check all options before making the final decision as it represents an extremely important indicator of web hosting quality. You can explore most of the features we mentioned above with online reviews at your disposal, including:

  • The overall performance
  • Frequently mentioned bugs
  • Possible security issues
  • Customer service
  • Recent complaints

However, web hosting companies understand the importance of online reviews. You have to check the authenticity of user reviews as they often create fake testimonials and pay for positive comments to improve online reputation.

There is another way to find an authoritative web hosting provider and affordable Linux VPS hosting if you still don’t believe any of these. You can explore and compare their cancellation rates, always. High-quality services rarely go above 10% in this field, so you can consider it an accurate indicator of professional credibility.

You Don’t Test the Customer Support

You will be facing occasional web hosting problems regardless of the provider’s quality. Agile customer service can make all the difference for your business in such circumstances. Do keep in mind – while most companies guarantee 24/7 support, a few of them actually fulfills it.

You should test their efficiency before sealing the deal with any affordable Linux VPS hosting. Don’t hesitate to call or send them a message to ask the basic web hosting-related questions if they offer live chat, phone and email support.

Since they know it’s the only way to impress prospects and win over new clients, a good customer service team will be glad to answer your inquiries. It’s up to you to make the first move but, ideally they should respond in a timely manner, and it should be a relevant indicator of the web hosting quality in general.

There is no need to take a risk with so many excellent and inexpensive providers out there. When it comes to which affordable Linux VPS hosting you trust your website with, even small things, like a server not keeping backed up copies of your website or only allowed for a lump sum annual payment that ties you in for 12 months are important.

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