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7 Sure Ways You Can Upgrade Your Cars without Spending a Lot

Driving a nice ride is every car enthusiasts’ dream. However, a car modification project can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, nowadays, there are a lot of DIY car customisation options that you can avail for a more affordable price.

As you read on, you will learn the top seven ways you can upgrade your car using simple buy brilliant DIY design ideas.

We’ve gathered the most amazing tricks in the book. You can easily perform these modifications without any problem.

Start upgrading the car interior by installing lighting fixtures

You have two options when it comes to interior lights.

First, you can change your dome light. Instead of sticking with the old, gloomy, and boring colour, be bolder and choose exciting colours like electric blue and dark violet.

Your new dome light can bring an energetic vibe to your interiors most especially if you love driving around at night.

Your second option is an LED lighting kit. Each kit comes with a controller, 4 to 24 bulbs, wiring and remote control. These are easy to install and they don’t require the use of any advanced tool or equipment.

When you install LED lighting, focus on some selected areas of the car such as the dashboard, door lining, and the chairs.

Replace the steering wheel cover

Another great way to upgrade the car interior is to replace the steering wheel cover.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you may opt for a crocheted or knitted steering wheel cover. You can buy them from crafters and speciality stores.

There are also finely-crafted leather and vinyl covers which are available in various car modification shops. Covers are available in neutral colours like black, white, brown, and grey and playful hues like pinks, blue and red.

To choose the right colour, consider the existing seat covers.

Get new seat covers

seat covers

Car seats wear out over time. Before its texture and colour turn dull and ugly, you can buy a new set of covers. This is a cheaper and more practical option.

Instead of spending more than $100 on a new car seat, you might only need to spend at most $300 for customised covers for all your car seats.

To ensure that you get the best fitting for your car seat covers, try to work with a seasoned car seat cover tailor. They can create the covers according to the specification you provide.

Upgrade the mid-console

Drivers mostly rest their hands on the middle console when they’re tired. You can make it comfier by installing a soft and plush cover.

There are various materials you can choose from. For example, you can use a sheepskin cover. This type of material is gentle on the skin plus it promotes relaxation.

Alternatively, you can use other types of covers such as leather, vinyl, and neoprene.

Go for a car wrap instead of a paint job

Paint jobs can cost a lot of money that why plenty of car enthusiasts opt for vinyl wrapping instead. It was introduced back in the 1950s as a way of marketing products.

A few years later it was used as an alternative way to improve the aesthetic value of a vehicle.    

Vinyl car wraps are super easy to install. This is why you can apply it on your own. Just be sure that you clean the surface of your vehicle to prevent bubbles from forming underneath the wrap.

Also, keep your garage free from dust before you attempt to apply the wrap.

Give your headlights and tail lights a boost by applying decorative films

Replacing a headlight assembly alone can cost up to $700.

If your headlight is still in good condition but you wish to replace it to add charm and appeal to your car’s exterior, then you can apply a headlight film instead.

You can choose from various colours and finishes. The best part is that it won’t take you the entire day to install the films on your tail lights and headlights.

Install a video screen on the chairs

If you travel a lot with your kids, nephews or nieces consider installing a video screen. It will keep them busy and entertained while you’re behind the wheels.

They can watch their favourite shows or movies like Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, and Finding Dory.

Moreover, they can play all sorts of mobile games so they won’t get bored during the trip.

Aside from your kids, you can also use the video screens as additional entertainment for everyone you bring along on your road trip.

Road Trip

Who says you need to spend a thousand dollars or pounds just to enjoy a sweet ride? There are plenty of affordable DIY car modification tips that you can use to upgrade your cars.

Apart from saving money, these DIY car customisation ideas can help you unleash your creative side. Are you ready to modify your vehicle?

About the Author:

Cat is a writer that lives in merry old England. Being raised in a family of car mechanics and salesmen, she has been exposed to engine grease and vehicle smoke ever since she was little. By day she works for Quote radar and by night she contributes to websites that feature car blogs. Read more of her work here at

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