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A Friendly Message To all the Girls Who Think They’re Fat

Hello there,

You have the same sad eyes the last time I saw you. Have you been called like a hungry baby elephant again? Or have someone told you that you’d be much prettier if you just lose a little weight? Well, the problem is that some people often judge women based on their physical attributes. And part of the problem is that they don’t understand some complicated conditions like obesity.

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight. Some were born obese (obesity gene) while others may have gained weight due to several causes: consuming too many calories, lacking exercise or sleep, and taking certain medicines like antidepressants.

Regardless of how you come up to this situation, the thing is that life’s too short to be sad over criticisms that you don’t deserve to hear from other people. So how do you help yourself move on from this? First things first, you remove yourself from the situation that’s pushing you down, from the situation that’s making you feel like you’re the ugliest person alive. When you decide to lose weight, think of it as the kindest way to fight against people calling you fat. But most of all, do it for rightful goals – to boost your CONFIDENCE and live a HEALTHY and HAPPY life.

A lot of people, especially those who think they’re fat, may also suffer from body dysmorphia – a mental disorder which keeps a person worried about his/her perceived defects and flaws. I have to admit that just like you, I am one of those people who wake up every morning wishing they had a prettier face, had no scars to hide, had thinner shape, and all that.

Sometimes I look in the mirror only to find the flaws that I want to improve. But there are also times when I choose to stop looking in the mirror because I hate to see myself once more. And do you know that every time I see other girls with a slimmer figure, fairer skin, sleeker hair, and prettier face (with no pores on it), I just look back to myself asking why can’t I have the same features like them? I know that’s exactly how you feel right now.

It’s too sad to live in a cruel world where everyone (even ourselves) constitutes a common idea of praising the fab and cursing the fat. How we wish there was equality where no one is called fat or slim. But maybe people just overthink of things especially when someone called them fat. Well, being called fat is something really hurtful and offensive but maybe we just have to see it differently. Before we begin changing ourselves (for the better), let’s try to change the way we think about the whole “fat” comments first. This way helps you run from stress, hate, and dissatisfaction.

You know sometimes how you see yourself can change the way people see you. If they keep on calling you fat, kill them with the kindest response like “Thanks for the compliment, I love my curves too! And hey, I guess I like me better when I have excess layers of fats than walking on the street like a human X-ray picture.”. I saw you laughing but I’m teaching you how to slam bullies with proper etiquette so take it seriously.

If people see how you accept yourself despite your imperfections, they’ll learn to do the same thing in time. It has to start with yourself. Learn to accept your flaws and let go of the bad comments. Treat them like constructive ones. And constructive comments are here to drive you to becoming a better person. So, girl, it’s time to make those sad eyes smile. Remember that you’re beautiful regardless of how you look like.

By the way, it’s me, your conscience.

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