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9 Best Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2019

“A young man saw an apple falling on the ground”- just the intro of this anecdote reminds us ‘Sir Isaac Newton’. Had he reacted to ‘falling of apple’ like any other human being, he would have never discovered the theory of universal gravitation. It is all because of his curiosity about knowing and uncovering new things that the world recognizes him as a renowned mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and theologian.

In a similar way, we unlock our phones at least 50 times a day using the face recognition system and also give the voice commands to Google Assistant more often. But very few of us are curious to know about the technology behind these wonderful things. And, the ones who delve deeper into these things emerge as the accomplished machine learning or artificial intelligence engineers.

Artificial intelligence has blessed us with incredible powers to ease down our daily tasks. It allows us to get automated control over the tasks and build the devices that can think as good as humans. The computer science engineers keen to master AI enroll for the AI & ML certification courses like AI/ Machine Learning Career Track. Moreover, they rely on books to gain extra knowledge.

In fact, the busiest people on the planet like Elon Reeve Musk define books as their secret to success. Mr. Musk is known as one of the biggest technological entrepreneurs worldwide. Still, he manages to read books a lot. Hence, for the aspiring AI engineers, we are featuring the best artificial intelligence books to read in 2019.

Best Artificial Intelligence Books

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Beginners can kick-off their artificial intelligence knowledge extracting process with this book. This book covers all the aspects related to the foundation of artificial intelligence in a very detailed manner. The readers can be well acquainted with the central computational techniques after reading this book thoroughly. Janet Finlay and Alan Dix have also penned down the principal application domains of natural language, robotics, cognitive modeling, experts systems and software agents in a descriptive way in this book. An introduction to ethical and philosophical issues of AI is also the part of this book.

The best thing about this book is the well-illustrated treatment to all the topics with easy to understand examples and exercises. It is considered the ideal book by the AI experts for the computer engineers who are heading towards artificial intelligence learning.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Written by Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell, this book is a perfect read for the beginner level AI learners. If you, being an AI aspirant, don’t know about the great Peter Norvig then stop studying artificial intelligence. You will remember the teaching from Norvig forever because of his exclusive style of imparting learning.

This book is a boon for AI learners as they will get to know comprehensively about search algorithms, working with logic, and planning. In fact, the book beautifully covers more advanced AI topics, such as machine learning, reasoning with partial observability, and language processing. If you’re planning to kick-off your AI career, then this book must be on your bookshelf.

Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Programming

Another gift by Peter Norvig, this book details the fundamental and advanced learning of lisp techniques to design major A.I systems. It comprehensively covers the practical aspects of artificial engineering and also it is perfect to get learning about building and debugging enormous practical programs. The essential AI concepts and high-end programming styles are also described in this book. For the budding engineers who are seeking their career in Artificial Intelligence, this book is a must-read.

 Artificial Intelligence for Humans

The author of this book is Jeff Heaton. It is considered one of the best books if you are keen at learning basic artificial intelligence concepts including distance metrics, dimensionality, error calculation, clustering, Nelder Mead, hill climbing, linear regression, etc. The gripping examples and case studies in this book help the readers learn algorithms quickly and easily. Obviously, you need to be too good at mathematics to decipher the complex equations in this book. If you are not, then this book is not for you.

Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis

Penned down by Nils J Nilsson, this book has the exercises that can test your knowledge, gained after reading the above-mentioned 3 books. The AI topics such as genetic programming, neutral networks, heuristic search, computer vision, Bayes network, and knowledge representation & reasoning are described in this book in a very easy-to-understand language. This book is suitable for advanced level AI learners, not for the beginners.

The Singularity is Near

Authored by Ray Kurzweil, ‘The Singularity is Near’ covers anything and everything about super-intelligent AI driven machines. Even though it’s a 683-page book but investing your time in reading the information provided is worth. Mr. Ray has elaborated the singularity in such an engaging and easy-to-read manner that this book is sure to spellbind you.  This book features a detailed description of futuristic aspects of AI.

Machine Learning Yearning

This book by Nick Bostrom is based on super-intelligence of AI and its potential what it can do to transform the world. He has authored more than 200 publications to bewitch the readers with his futuristic vision about artificial intelligence.

It’s an interesting read as it portrays the future where machines touch the peak of super intelligence and accidentally or deliberately affecting the human life by taking over all the manual operations. This sounds like a sequence of a sci-fi movie but Mr. Bostrom has defined it in a very beautiful way that how the progression of AI is going to affect the society.

The Master Algorithm

This book makes its place among the favorites in any list created for AI books. Written by Pedro Domingos, this books deals with all the intricacies of AI in a very understandable manner. The AI book throws an adequate light on the fact if there is a single algorithm which can deal with different aspects of technology.

Life 3.0- Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

”Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Max Tegmark is acclaimed as the international bestseller and explains everything about super-intelligence.

This book leaves the readers curious to find the answers of the questions like how an economy grows with automation, is super-intelligence going to be a threat to the human employment, how it can be ensured that AI-driven systems in future will follow our commands without any malfunctioning or bugging issues, etc. The readers, who want to delve deeper into the futuristic concepts of artificial concepts, must read this book.

Last Words

There is no denying the fact that books are the ultimate and most credible source of knowledge for the ones who always crave for learning. The books discussed above are not only informative but also engaging enough to captivate the readers. This collection of books is highly recommended by industry experts to unveil the varied aspects of artificial intelligence. Bur book can only help you expand your learning; you need a mentor for learning from roots at a place like Springboard where online AI/ Machine Learning Career Track has been introduced with 1-on-1 mentorship and 100% job guarantee.

Keep reading, keep learning!

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