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Best Free and Open Source Asset Management Software 2018

In this modern world, most industries depend upon technology and its related gadgets and software. Industries have computers and laptops connected with the Internet to share information between the employees.

Today’s world is different and we have advanced software for a variety of tasks. Companies have different types of assets and to manage those assets, we have numerous asset management software available in the market. Today, we will discuss the best asset management software of 2018. The list includes the market’s best and free open source asset management software.

1. SysAid IT Asset Management

This software manages your company’s physical as well as virtual assets. It can record all the data of the computers and laptops available in the organization. The software has a self-service portal and an ability for billing and invoicing. The software generates quick invoices and bills after accomplishing the tasks.

Moreover, the software also comes with analytics to keep an eye on the ups and downs of their assets. There is a collaboration option also available on the software which lets you integrate with the existing software or system. With asset management, it comes with a number of additional features to manage various departments of the firm easily.

2. AssetExplorer

It is a web-based Asset Management IT Software which is designed for all the industries and organizations. The software helps you to monitor and manage assets of the enterprise. The software can be used by every individual including industries and big companies where multiple assets are available to be managed.

Interestingly, they offer their services on different platforms such as Windows and Mac PC platforms with a web app. You can also make use of this open source asset management software on your Smartphone. The Asset Explorer’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

3. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

It’s easy to use help desk program cum software which also provides better asset management environment for the users. The software comes with easy integration with ticketing, asset tracking, project management, purchasing and selling of the assets and much more. You can manage and integrate this software with your current system.

Moreover, this software stores all the information of the customers, employees and their project. The software offers numerous other features which you can use for complete management of the assets.

4. SpiceWorks

SpiceWorks is a dedicated Asset Management Software which is there for enterprises and organizations. The software serves an easy to use interface which runs the organization through a help desk. It is more of a customer service software than an asset management software. You can simply use this software to improve the relationship between your consumers.

The software streamlines the way how the organization and its tasks done. It offers more reliable working functionality to manage the assets and to improve the overall productivity. It comes with email integration and social media integrations which connects with the consumers and employees easily.

Moreover, it also features Self Service Portal which lets you use the software as per your requirements. The new generation Asset Management software is loaded with a set of advanced features which you can use for free.

5. KloudGin

KloudGin is known as one of the best Asset Management Software of the current year. It is the world’s first software provider to include Cloud-based technology in the software. The software works smoothly and comes with an easy integration option. You can easily integrate this software with the current system and it will not affect the working functionality of the software.

Moreover, the software collects and stores data of the consumers, clients and employees over the cloud. You can access the stored data from anywhere using this software. With intelligent cloud-based technology, the software is known as one of the leading asset management software providers in the world.

In addition, the software is designed to suit the demands of their users from almost all the industries. The software can be used by organizations, institutions and companies. You can also collaborate it with your mobile devices to access the information through smartphones. The software serves a decent interface and works smoothly on the computers.

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  1. Jake Jake March 14, 2019

    Which of these do you think is the easiest to use?

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