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How to Protect Your Family from Online Identity Theft

With the advancement in technologies, now everything is in our hand with the help of the internet and smartphones. Both the things – the internet and mobile phones have changed mostly every aspect of every single human being on this planet. Every day, thousands of people are introduced with the internet and even start using smartphones for variouspurposes. But, with the rapid increase in the number of online users, there is also an escalation in various types of cybercrimes and online identity theft is currently in prevalent, as every day lakhs of online users are becoming the victims of online identity theft.

According to some authentic reports, contemporary, each day more than 230,000 malware attacks launched online, which is very high in number than in 2016 that was just 4,000 per day at that time. If we take the example of 2017, then about 16.7 million US citizens were the victims of online identity theft, which results in a loss of huge money which is about $16.8 billion.To secure our sensitive information, every online user wants to know how to prevent online identity theft, so that they don’t have to confront any kind of online scam.

SoWhat Basically is Online Identity Theft?

Online identity theft is a kind of scam, deception or crime done by people over the internet which results in the loss of private and sensitive data of online users that includes stolen of credentials like username and password, banking information, Social Security Numbers, debit or credit card numbers, and health ID’s that is used by cybercriminals without the knowledge and permission of the particular person to accomplish any fraud and other online crimes over the internet.

So, the basic question is from where any hacker will get our personal and sensitive information. When we use our mobile phone or computer for doing any important task with the help of the internet, then while using our personal information such as our username, password, credit card numbers, bank account details, Social Security Number, etc. are sometimes get stored in the browsers itself or in the Windows Registry of the Operating System. These stored sensitive details can be very easily accessed by the person who is using your device or by the cybercriminals who are who are expert in hacking the device through the internet. So, to protect personal information online, every netizen should take some precautions while surfing the internet.

How to Protect your family members from Online Identity Theft

Contemporary, the main growing concern while using the internet is how to protect the online identity of ourselves and of our family members from the cybercriminals. So, if you are seeking for the methods to know how to prevent online identity theft,below are some important methods, which every person should take to protect personal information online, to safe him or his family members from any type of online identity theft: –

  1. Make use of authentic online ID theft protection tool

Due to growing internet scam related to online identity theft, it is very necessary that every person who is using the internet should use identity theft protection tool. Well, over the internet, the user will easily get several ID protection tools, but most of them are not that much useful and secure. So, the online user must use the best and authentic one.

  1. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

We all should mostly avoid using public Wi-Fi, especially when we are doing any kind of money transection process or doing any online shopping. This is because, it is very easy for the online hacker to access your system and steal all your personal and sensitive details, while you are making use of public Wi-Fi.

  1. Create strong credentials for every single account

If you are using the same or similar kind of usernames and passwords for most of your online accounts, then it is very easy for the online hacker to creak the password. So, it is best that the person should use unique, strong, and different username password for every single account.

  1. Always use updated software: –

As we all use various types of software to accomplish numerous tasks, so it is suggested that always try to use updated software and if the software is already installed in your system then always update it to the latest available version.

  1. Be careful while money transections

As, these days we all do various kind of online money transections while paying online bills, doing online shopping to purchase cloths or any other items. So, always try to use the authentic website for online shopping. Never use the site that doesn’t have an “https” and a little lock icon in the starting of the web address. These both the things indicate that the website is safe for online money transection or not.

If the online users make use of all above discussed points, then they can easily safe themselves and their family members from the scam of any online identity theft.

Author Bio: – Chandra Shekhar Choudhary is working as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks, Identity Protection Service  and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Chandra Shekhar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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