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Planning a Baby Shower? Read This First

Hosting a perfect party is what everyone wants and now that hosting a baby shower is becoming a trend. Every expectant mom is following this trend and loving it. Every party requires great management skills and planning. Celebrating such happy and intimate moments together always make it a memorable one. Also, planning is what helps you to keep the celebration smooth and enjoyable. This article includes some amazing steps to take note of for making your party more fun.

1) Selecting a date and time:

First thing first, decide for which month you want to organize the baby shower. Usually, people prefer hosting a baby shower when the expectant mom is seven months pregnant. As the mom to feel more comfortable with her pregnancy at that time. This time frame allows their gifts and makes other purchases for their little one. Also, knowing the time helps you to coordinate other things like decoration are in sink with it or not. Evening celebrations can include decoration with lights and colorful lamps.

2) Determine your guest list and budget:

Make a list of guests you want to invite, so that you don’t miss out anyone. Your guest list can include close friends, family, and relatives. Decide your budget so that you can choose a venue and decide for other arrangements accordingly. Also, you can host a shower in your living room or backyard for your close ones. If you are planning for a party in summers or fall, the park is one great option to select. Remember to ask the local parks department for permission.

3) Choose a theme:

Usually, every amazing baby shower gets popular because of its unique theme. You can use some traditional themes like baskets of flowers and bun in the oven. Don’t forget to include the selected theme while you make invitations for your guests. Plan a theme party, it will automatically make the whole party vibe even more interesting and lively. If you don’t wish to throw a funky party, choose a color theme in such case.

4) Timely sending invitations:

Your guests should receive their invitations at least four weeks before the shower. This way they will have time to reserve the date and shop for gifts. Since nowadays everyone is tech savvy, you can also invite everyone with a digital invitation. Making a baby shower invitation online has become very easy. Create baby shower invitations using tools that provide you with various options of templates options. These templates make your baby shower invitations look cuter in no time.

5) Decide your menu:

If you are planning to go with an evening shower party, a light dinner works amazing. Don’t forget to reflect your party theme through food. In case you are including some authentic dishes then make sure that you start with preparations accordingly. Check for required disposable cups and dishes, if you are planning to host a party at home. Many people usually keep a varied range of food and overlook the quality. It is always better to keep less but good and tasty food.

6) Parting gifts:

You can thank your guests with a parting gift. Don’t plan for something extravagant instead choose a sweet and useful present. You can give away some homemade packs of delicious chocolates and cookies. Decide for a parting gift taking into consideration the guest’s preference too. If your guests list includes childrens then chocolates and candies is something that they will be happy to receive.

A baby shower is a special event for the entire expectant mom. Making it a memorable one for her will make her feel happy and loved. I hope this article helps you to know about various important points that will help you organize a fun-filled baby shower. In case of any query do let us know through your comments below.

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