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Top 5 Network Marketing Personalities to Follow in 2019

According to Warren Buffet, Network marketing business is the choice that he would have made, if he could all start over again!

Why the business legends like him say so?

That’s purely because network marketing business has a huge potential to change your life entirely!

Well, this article lists out the some of the top network marketing personalities that you should follow, if you would really love to learn from their MLM business life!

One of the interesting facts about these wonderful personalities is that, they all started from NIL….!

Yes, and it shows that if we have the Will, and passion to work really hard, success will be definitely Yours..

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Now, let us delve into the success stories of the top network marketing personalities to follow in 2019.

#1 Rafael Rojas Rafael Rojas

In the beginning, the Mexican national Rafael Rojas, started out as a dishwasher to survive when he immigrated to the United States.

Survival was always an issue for the both Rafael and his wife Monica. He was literally travelling from one city to another in search of work just to be able to eat. Rafael had lived in Acapulco, Mexico, El Paso, Texas and many other places.

Rafael was in search of a better opportunity and he started joining the multilevel marketing companies. He totally lost faith in two of the MLM companies that he had joined. He was actually doing well with one, but it collapsed just as he and his wife Monica were expecting their first child. 

But still Rafael and Monica did not give up, even though they lost their faith in the MLM business. He decided to give it a try in the restaurant business and bought a restaurant in Mexico. And it was during this time that he remembered a meeting once he had about the MLM firm Melaleuca.

He once again decide to meet the same person again, and got excited and joined again in the MLM business.

They joined in the year 2005 and have broken many records in the business. Now they are one of the top in the list of high earners in MLM!

#2 Ray Higdon Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon too started out from zero. He was initially into the the real estate and it was going good. But all his dreams shattered once his real estate business completely got broke. Ray was nothing again and his wife filed for a divorce. All these issues made him completely depressed.

Ray discovered the network marketing during this time and he was good at it. He met Jessica during his MLM business journey and they married. She gave her full support and since then he had to never look back. He is one of the MLM stars that we do have right now!

He is retired as of now, and has decided to devote his entire time and energy to train the upcoming network marketers.

#3 Jimmy Smith

 Jimmy Smith

Jimmy’s father wanted him to follow the family business – the butcher business.

Jimmy decided to follow his Father’s dream for him. After completing his high school education, he decided to become a butcher. He was active in the field for about 40 years. He was just able to move ahead with this business. He almost retired from the business and was on  the verge of losing everything.

Jimmy joined Isagenix and since then he grew from rags to riches! Jimmy Smith earns almost $2,000,000 per year with his Isagenix MLM business.

According to Jimmy Smith, if he could do it, anyone can be a success in the network marketing.

#4 Randy Paul Gage

Randy Paul Gage

Randy Paul Gage is one of the best trainers that we have today in the field of network marketing. He too began his MLM journey from ground zero.

When he was just 15 years old, Randy didi an armed robbery. He was jailed for a certain period and afterwards ended up in Miami, Florida and other places where he washed dishes in a pancake house.

At the age of 20, he joined the Amway business. He did really well. And he decided to open a Pizza restaurant at the age of 30, which was a failure.

He realized that network marketing was his forte! Randy Gage has published several motivational and training books and inspirational thoughts on ways to succeed in the network marketing. Moreover, he is also a renowned public speaker.

His life shows us that you can have success even after multiple failures! 

#5 Kenny Troutt

Kenny Troutt was the founder of the Excel Communications, which is run in the network marketing format. The success of this company made Troutt a billionaire.

Kenny Troutt

Kenny was born in the late 1940’ s and was the son of a bartender. He did attend college, but he was able to only because of his own hard work by selling insurance while he attended the college.

Kenny knows what it was like to be poor and that keeps him working hard even after being super rich!

Kenny Troutt sold the Excel Communications and right now he is more into the real estate business as well as an active race horse owner.

His horses have won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.


These all stories tells us that even we common people could be a successful network marketing business person, if we have the willpower and are ready to work really hard!

Network marketing business is never a scam unless its legality is maintained!

Even the stalwarts like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Richard Branson have praised about the possibilities of network marketing in their speeches!

Author Bio: Isha Parmar is a Senior Content Writer at Infinite Open Source Solutions, one of the leading direct selling software companies in India. She is a voracious reader and enjoy a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from romance and fiction to the latest technology. Her one of the well known blogs is –

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