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Top 6 Best Android Games of 2019

Every month we dive into the Play Store to pick the best games out. These are the six best Android games of January 2019, with Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Cube Escape: Paradox and more.

Our Selected Best 6 Android Games That You Will Love

This year first month you can get started with new parts in popular series. For example, it is time to explore the story of the beautiful Life is Strange with Before the Storm. The newest part of puzzle series Cube Escape tackles the original with a corresponding short film. And are you looking for something completely different? Then you are at the right address at Flipflop Solitaire because in this game the familiar rules are completely messed up. What are you going to play?

1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

It is busy around the game series Life is Strange. The second part released on 27 September for gaming computers and PC, while prequel. Before the Storm is now playable on Smartphone’s. So this game takes place before the first Life is Strange and completely revolves around the past of the character Chloe Price.

Just like the original game, Before the Storm follows an emotional story in which the player makes the choices. This time it is about Chloe and her flourishing relationship with the popular Rachel Amber. Your decisions influence the course and the end. It is advisable to play the original game first, but that is not necessary.

The game is free to download, but without paying you can only play the demo. The game is divided into chapters. The first chapter is now for sale and for the rest you have to be patient

2. Fire Emblem: Heroes

Fire Emblem: Heroes is a shareware turn-based role-playing game from Nintendo. You have to play the role of summoners and collect characters from all series of Fire Emblem, creating a personal army. You can choose one of several options: the main quest or hero training through the Training Tower. Seasonal events take place on special cards, and duels take place in the Arena, where players fight for points without dying.

The developers have manually drawn each character, and also provided them with new voices. In the game, there will be new characters that will be available along with the already well-known characters and allies. Battles take place on the 8×6 grid, which occupies the entire screen of your device, of course, the lack of scrolling pleases. In fact, the functionality of the fights is very wide, it is much more than you can imagine at first glance. For example, you can circle a character with a finger on the screen and drag it onto enemies when they are close enough to stab them. Download feh apk here for free.

3. Cube Escape: Paradox

It’s one of my best games I ever played. The tenth part of the Cube Escape series is available, so you know what to do: solve puzzles. Detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in a room without knowing about his past. There he has to solve puzzles to escape. Nice is that this game is a short film, titled Paradox – A Rusty Lake Short Film. You look below.

4. Flipflop Solitaire

Patience, or Solitaire, we all knows. Gamemaker Zach Gage, known from among others Bad Chess and Spelltower, now give it its own twist so that the game plays nicely on a vertical smartphone screen. There are fewer rows on the screen, but due to the changes in the rules, that is not a problem. You choose how many color cards you use because with more colors the game becomes more difficult.

5. Alphabear 2

Do you still know the nice puzzle game Alphabear? The second part is now available for Android. Just like the original, you have to make 2 words in Alphabear for as long as possible to play letters. The more letters you remove, the bigger the bears become and you get a higher score. Note that it must be English words. The game also has a lot of word jokes, so it is worthwhile to pre-experience.

6. Bloons Adventure Time TD

In the United States, the last episodes of animated series Adventure Time were broadcast this month. You did not have to miss the characters, because they are back with their original voice actors in this Bloons game. The dangerous balloons have invaded Ooo and it is up to Finn and Jake to destroy them in time. For this, they get help from the famous Bloons monkeys.

Not enough to these games? Check out what we found to be the best Android games of 2019.

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