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Why A Self Storage Unit Beats a Temporary Warehouse

Temporary warehouses can be found in all different sizes, from the size of a typical room to something larger than an apartment complex. People tend to use them for the storage and distribution of goods, but were you aware that a self storage unit can have the same purpose?

Instead of focusing on which one is biggest according to them, we decided to have our say in the matter, and clearly we believe we are worlds ahead of them.

You Will Have the Opportunity To Save Money

Save Money
All of us have spent more money than necessary at some point, right? We treat it like it is not a huge deal until we have a problem paying for something that we would really like to have.

Temporary warehouses are often larger than life and the costs associated with them can be pretty astronomical. Leasing one means that you will be responsible for rent, the cost of the land and the cost of maintenance. Will you actually need the entire space? That is not likely.

Storage units are more useful since you will only have to pay for the cost of the actual unit. If you are worried about spending a ton of money on maintenance, then a self storage unit would be the best option for you. We want to help you save money. We have made it our own personal mission.

Self Storage Units Are Local

Are you prepared to head halfway across the US in order to gain access to a temporary warehouse? No? We did not think you did?

Having a local storage is great and the reality is that many temporary warehouses are far out of most people’s local area since they are so large and there is no other place to put them.

According to a report in Self Storage Association, more than 80 percent of consumers would prefer to travel no more than 15 minutes to gain access to their units. Unless you have a speed demon and you are ready to open yourself up to a barrage of tickets, this doesn’t sound like a great idea does it?

Self storage companies, like the team here at Smart Storage, know how essential it is to be located close to the city. This is the ideal spot for companies that handle all types of goods. This means that it it will be easy to access them when you like.

Self Storage Units Are Very Secure

Storage Units
It is common for temporary warehouses to be burglarized because they don’t have all of the surveillance equipment they should. They are not monitored around the clock. This makes some people quite unnerved when they are storing their items there since this means they can be damaged or stolen. No one wants others to have their filthy hands on their things.

Our self storage units are secure all of the time. This means that anything that you choose to put in there will be perfectly safe. Self storage units, like the ones we have at Smart Storage, are so secure that no one will be able to gain access to your unit. Once the keys are in your hands, no one else will be able to get into it.

Self Storage Is Quite Versatile

People like investing in temporary warehouses since they have a wide variety of uses, like tracking and managing inventory. While this is true, self storage units can be used for all of the same things. Yes. We can do anything they can do, but better.

Self storage units are a great option for holding business assets. They are also good for companies that are just getting started. They may seem like they do not offer much, but they are really effective, which makes them great for all kinds of companies regardless of the industry they are in.

We have been around since 1998 and we have nearly four decades of experience in the clear tent industry. We were one of the first companies in the US to offer industrial grade clear tent structures that fit all of your short and long term needs. We have custom structures that you can lease or it is possible to make a purchase outright.

High Quality Portable Storage Buildings

Top Rated German Engineered Temporary Buildings

Grade-A Temporary Construction Units

Use These For Oilfield Services, Distribution For Warehouses and Military/Governments

Hangers For Planes

We Are Durable Enough To Withstand High-Speed Winds And The Metal Used In Each Structure Is Rustproof.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to forgo a temporary storage and come to us in order to get all your needs met. We offer safe, secure services that are large enough to hold whatever you like while managing to be cost-effective. This is a far cry from the financial firestorm that happens when going with the alternative.

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