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Summer’s a Few Months Away!!! Check Out World’s Grandest Beachfront Hotels

From Western countries to Mainland Southeast Asia, there is no shortage when it comes to travel destinations. As travelers, you’d love to see the hidden gems of each country but a day tour would never be enough. Finding great accommodation won’t be a problem as year to year, we get amazed by new sanctuaries to choose from. Be sure to pack your luxury luggage as we give you the world’s grandest beachfront hotels.

Cinnamon Dhonveli

Cinnamon Dhonveli (Maldives)

Maldives is one of the most popular summer spots these days. If you want to escape the stress and all the tribulations of life, I’m telling you Cinnamon Dhonveli is the perfect place to be. When you get off the board, the scenic view of deep blue and turquoise waters that are consistently making dancing patterns is there to welcome you. And you’ll just wonder where else on earth could be more beautiful than this.

Staying in an overwater bungalow was once just a dream, finally, it came true in Cinnamon Dhonveli. You can literally step right into the ocean from your door. And there’ also a private pool for every bungalow so I guess everything’s right here, you wouldn’t want to go home. There are so many amenities like the bungalow itself with a roof deck that opens whenever you want to gaze the stars at night, all are buffet-style with a wide choice of international dishes, surfing and snorkeling spots, and biking on the overwater patios.

Since SE Asian countries have different seasons compared to Western states, you have to take note of the best time to visit Asia. Although the best time still depends on the country you’re visiting. The ideal time to visit the Maldives is between December and April when chances of rainfall and humidity are relatively low.

Soneva Kiri

Soneva Kiri (Thailand)

From the glitz of Maldives to an ecological sanctuary that lies in the heart of Thailand, Soneva Kiri is one of the most luxurious beach escapes. For all the hotel’s gleeful pleasures, the best thing to look forward to is its famous treetop dining that lets you savor a meal while being surrounded by a leafy rainforest canopy. This offers a world-class cuisine that might make all the birds get jealous.

Visit Thailand between November and February when the temperature ranges from 30 to 35℃.

St. Regis Resort

St. Regis Resort (Bali)

Flying to your next stop, a reflection of landscape architecture from the 1900s, St. Regis Resort has a collection of suites, villas, ballrooms, and meeting spaces which makes it ideal for both business and leisure. A little similar to Cinnamon Dhonveli, all these amenities are built over water. Only that that water here is a pool and not literally the ocean. Though it’s less than a 15-minute walk away from the beach.

Indonesian tours are best between mid-April and the end of October since the monsoon season lasts from November to March.

Hotel W (Spain)

Hotel W (Spain)

From SE Asia to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonian region. Barcelona is best known for its historical art and architecture. But today, nothing gets much cooler than the sleek sail-shaped hotel that’s becoming another attraction of the city. W offers more than 400 rooms and suites that are created in shades of pale gold and turquoise, resembling the image of the sky and the sea. Take note that this is the only hotel in Barcelona that sits at the edge of the waters which offers guests with direct access to the beach. Rooms are designed with glass windows that give you a picturesque view of the entire shore.

Four Seasons Maui

Four Seasons Maui (Hawaii)

Most of us know that when it comes to beaches, Hawaii is No.1. The islands of Hawaii are known for their landscape cliffs, waterfalls, beaches, and sands that often vary in different shades from red, black, gold to green. And among dozens of resorts in Hawaii, Four Seasons Resort in Maui (one of Hawaii’s islands) probably knows how to get on top. The resort boasts for its beach-facing infinity pool designed with legendary architecture.

Trump International Beach Resort

Trump International Beach Resort (US)

Down to the southernmost part of the US, Trump International Beach Resort sits in the ocean coast of Miami Beach in Florida. The resort offers more than 300 spacious guest rooms and suites, private balconies with exceptional Atlantic ocean view, a grotto-style pool complex that faces the oceanfront, and other fun activities for kids (The Planet Kids’ Program).

The resort’s central location gives you access to nearby attractions such as Bal Harbour Shops, Miami Beach Golf Course, museums, and other cultural spots. If you want to stroll around, transportations are accessible. You can find car rentals and minibus hire near the resort’s vicinity.

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